Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Southwest Border Symposium

Today is the second day of the Southwest Border Symposium on Air Quality and Climate here in Las Cruces, New Mexico.We are holding this symposium at The Farm and Ranch Museum.

Picture: Farm and Ranch windmill

                                                         Picture: Farm and Ranch Patio
Pre- Symposium:

Last week was a bit hectic trying to get the last things in order, making sure all our speakers were still able to come and talk, computers having a mind of their own, and the million and 1 small things that pop up when trying to organize an event. But, we made it!

Day 1:

The morning began with setting up the computer system through CENTRA which allows high quality web conferencing. Finding out we had more people showing up than was originally planned (which in the end turned out to be wonderful) and the too hot/ too cold phenomenon that happens when a lot of people get into a room together.

The people who showed up were a fantastic wide range of professionals from Dr. Soum Sanogo, NMSU, who talked about fungi to Dr. Ilias Kavouras,  talking about Respiratory health, and out Keynote speaker Dr Jacob McDonald, from Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute.

A full schedual can be founds at:

We also had a wonderful lunch provided by Dickerson Catering who have been magnificent in giving us anything we need.

Day 2:

We have just started, but it looks to be a productive day. currently we are hearing from Dave Novlan from the National Weather Service discussing Dust Events and how to notify the public.
We are also going to hear from Tom Gill from UTEP, Juan Pedro , and Rosa Fitzgerald, discussing air quality in the border region.

Picture: Dave Novlan, NWS

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